"A Tour of Chinese Instrumental Music Works"

Editor: Zheng Weitao

Publication Date: July 2010

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This book is a collection of materials, which records the "old records" of Chinese instrumental works collected and known by the author in the past 30 to 40 years. The whole book is divided into three parts, the first, the second, and the second. The first part is based on "Plucked String Music", "Stringed String Music", "Wind Wind Music" and "Imitation Music", and records various recorded solo entries of Chinese national musical instruments; The second part is based on "Small Ensemble Music", "Advocacy Music", "Sizhu Music", "Folk Music", "Opera Music", "Sanskrit Music", and "Instrumental Ensemble (Created and Compiled)", and the records consist of more than two pieces Ensemble entries performed by Chinese national musical instruments; the second part is dedicated to recording Chinese instrumental works performed by foreign instruments, including solo and various types of ensemble entries. This data set has recorded the "Old Records" collection of the Chinese Music Archive of the Department of Music of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It provides an important sound record of "Traditional Chinese Music" for those who are interested in studying traditional Chinese music. It is hoped that those who are interested can take this opportunity to understand and enter the threshold of genealogy, and repair the gap between "traditional Chinese music" and "modern Chinese music" for nearly a hundred years.


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