Talking about works at home (1)

Author: Li Weisheng


Earlier, I talked to readers about the fire of my "heart of home screenwriter" in the column "The World of Chinese Opera" in "The Journey of Chinese Opera", and today I want to put away the "fire". Let me talk to you about my "work at home". But please forgive me for being stingy with my own works, and I will only talk about my one-act Cantonese opera work "Flowers in the Tang Palace" here. After all, most of my works have never been performed in public. It seems that it is better to think of ways to release them before discussing them, right?

I chose to talk about "Flowers in the Tang Palace", firstly because it is short enough, and secondly because it was performed nearly twelve years ago. The following is the complete record of the lyrics, and we will talk about it later:

[Picking Apples and Singing Love Sandalwood] Fragrant wind blows, and hundreds of flowers bloom near the silver pond. Gu Fangyiyi, Gu Yingkong takes care of her appearance. Plum blossoms fall in mid-spring, causing those who love plums to change their minds. [Singing Changhua, the worker's workman] Sheng Qi Nian, read it at that time. At that time, the emperor's kindness was so great that Limei's concubine said that her love was unwavering. Changing love to Concubine Yang, one day the situation is different, and the next day there is no news of Ji Ping'er. Ping'er's sincerity has finally touched the emperor's sky, and the sky sent my emperor to come here again today. Waiting for him outside Cuihua West Pavilion, but Naikon has more than a few strands of his lotus!
[Tang Minghuang hits the spot and sings second-rate] The shadow of the flower is dark, and the day is late. When I come to Cuihua West, the figures outside the pavilion are mixed. Call me, but Meixian Concubine? Come pick me up soon [Turn Flowers] to comfort lovesickness! [Receipt] Concubine Mei, Ping'er!
[Picking Pioneer Cymbal Called Bai] My Lord! 【口古】My lord, my concubine was meditating on Huajian, but I didn't know that my lord was coming. Please deal with the crime of not welcoming me lightly!
[Ming Huangkou Ancient] Xi, what is the crime of the concubine? You said you were meditating on Huajian, what exactly are you thinking about? Can you tell me?
[Caiping begins to sing a long sentence and the second king's next sentence] Plum blossoms are thin and let the wind bully you, you should love the willows and the shade of spring. One day, the head of the East Palace in Shangyang sat alone, shedding tears day and night. It was probably because she was haggard and beautiful, that she was rejected; how could she be so fat and fat at that time! I don't know that the grace still exists, and today I received the holy car to return to the old place.
[The Emperor Ming turned directly to "Little Red Lantern"] The love of concubine Ai Lang never fades away. Hundreds of flowers are bright red, some are thick and some are rare; plum blossoms and green poplars are pleasing to each. Don't teach yourself to hold back your eyebrows! Wait for me to explain you in detail. At this moment, it is the morning sun and the beauty of spring.

[Straight forward to "Anonymous Song"] Hugh and abandon!
[Go straight to the second half of the second sentence of the Shigong Adagio] It is good to take advantage of the beautiful spring and walk hand in hand with Qing.
[Excessively Long Preface Langbai] After the cold winter, I know that the plum can be proud of the snow, and I am happy to see the plum blossom fairy, still charming! Apple, come along!
[Picking apples with affection and tenderness Jielangbai] My lord...
[Emperor Ming is also affectionate and introduces Langbai] Ping'er...
[Yang Yuhuan unloads the intermediary and sings the Adagio of Shigong] The spring night is bitter and the day is high, and the emperor loves thrush ever since. When I woke up, there was no one beside my pillow, but I asked the palace man what was the matter? The palace people hesitated to answer questions, so they inevitably became suspicious. Apart from Concubine Mei being able to flatter the Lord, who would fight for the favor?
[Straight to Shuang Zhongban] Ask the palace people if there is no secret, and it turns out that they will meet Concubine Mei in Cuihua West Pavilion. Concubine Xiaomei, which is forbidden by Lennon, the people of the palace of quick life lead the way for Mercedes-Benz. When I came to Cuihua, I saw two people here.
[Laqiang Guoxu Langbai] Yang Yuhuan, the noble concubine of Huaqing Palace, has come to Cuihua West Pavilion to greet the Lord!
[Minghuang Langbai] Oh, Concubine Yang? [Ze Caijie] Hey! You are not in the palace, why are you here?
[Yuhuan Langbai] The concubine came here specially to see the beauty of the plum fairy concubine!
[Caiping Langbai] The imperial concubine's words are serious!
[Yuhuan Langbai] Where?
[Minghuang Langbai] Two concubines! [Continue to sing the next sentence of Shuang Zhongban] There is a warm pool in Huaqing Hall. I have had so much sex with Concubine Yang, but it is pitiful that Concubine Mei has been neglected for a long time! Don't you know that it is not appropriate to forget the old and greedy the new to share the shame, and it is even more inappropriate to be ashamed of Concubine Yang. Today's spring is full of emerald flowers, which coincides with the second concubine and the emperor cuddling together.
[Picking apples and shooting white] My lord! [The next sentence of Shuang Zhongban] I'm so scrupulous, I'm afraid of ridicule! The emperor loves to be romantic, and the courtiers are full of disputes. An ugly family can do state affairs? Don't compete with Concubine Yang to drink jealousy, so as not to lose your manners.
[Zanhua] Who is the confidante in trouble? The Lord should know a thing or two.
[Yuhuankou Ancient] Hey, my lord! Concubine Mei said that I am a confidante in trouble! snort! Concubine Mei! Isn't it true that Aijia wants you to pay me face to face!
【Three batches】
[Caipingkou Ancient] The imperial concubine! There is nothing wrong with Aijia asking himself, how can I pay you back? Aijia told the truth in every sentence, and there was never any exaggeration. 【Three batches】
[Ming Huangkou Ancient] Hey! The two concubines should stop talking too much! Let me ask, who else would dare to act presumptuously in front of the lonely emperor! 【Three batches】
【Caipingkougu】My lord! The concubine points out who is the beauty of the disaster, nothing more than expressing concern for the Lord! Unexpectedly, the noble concubine actually made trouble with excuses, such ignorance!
[Yuhuan Angry White] Concubine Mei! You—you are so brave, you! [Start singing quickly and the next sentence of the middle board] Bitter words are heart-piercing. It's hard to spare you if your silver teeth are crushed! I can't forgive you for putting on airs, regardless of honor and humbleness. Nobility is the Ai family, playing with the emperor day and night admiring flowers; being humble is you, who has tasted the taste of the cold palace, but makes the Ai family jealous and insults the eyebrows with words. In terms of superiority and inferiority, I want you to admit your mistakes and kneel down in front of you!
[Laqiang Guoxu Langbai] You must know that Aijia respects you and humbles you, why don't you come forward and admit your mistakes?
【Caiping Langbai】My lord, I──
[Minghuang Langbai] Hey, the two concubines are calm and calm! [Continue to sing the next sentence of the fast middle panel] Only by being courteous can you be worthy of being an imperial concubine. How can there be lingering love and joy in the palace when you are messing around in front of the king? The same loves concubines, how can they be divided into high and low, and there are many controversies about superiority and inferiority?

[Putting out the preface, bird sound effect] Listening to the melodious sound of birds singing, what is it like to say that the spring night is bitter and the short day is high? Enjoy the flowers and have fun with the second concubine in time while taking advantage of the morning light. Taking advantage of the dawn, so that the three of them can share arms! [La Qiang Lang Bai] Two concubines, come with us!
[Caiping Langbai] My lord, how can my concubines dare to spoil my lord's elegance? It's just that I can't bear to see my lord being fascinated by Concubine Yang, indulging in leisure and pleasure day and night, feeling like I'm going blind, my lord!

[The next sentence of the fast middle board] The wise master, how can there be any mistakes in the government? There are so many things going on in the world every day, be careful not to seize the right time! Misfortune is not false, who will accompany you to sing and dance every night, will make you physically and mentally weak and deplete your prestige 8
[Zhuanhua] The minister and concubine risked their lives to admonish the emperor, fortunately, they are not ignorant of righteousness!
[The next sentence of Yuhuan Shenhua] Oh yes, Concubine Mei has a heart to divorce, I hope the Lord will preside over justice!
[The second king who bald sings slightly cool and reverses the line] Concubine Xiaomei is suspicious and arrogant, the Lord will not punish her! [Zai Shuang] What's the trouble with the confidante? Clearly a blatant offense! Bearing seeing Yuhuan being humiliated, why did the lord bow his head and say nothing? [Pull cavity hanging slow retraction]
[Music plays the reverse line "Spring River Flower Moonlight Night" with two sentences at the end] My lord, let me be fair, my lord!
【Caiping Langbai】Hey, my lord, who is right and who is wrong, it all depends on what the lord says, so tell me, lord!
[Second concubine with white] My lord, tell me!
[Minghuang Langbai] Oh, two concubines! [Singing the middle part of "Spring River Flower and Moonlight Night" against the line] Stop playing around and making troubles! I'm afraid to listen to Xu Xu's talk, how can I not know my mind!
[Yuhuan picks up the song] Every dynasty is used to relying on the king, how can there be any variation now? Why is the dream place and the pillow not warm? Full of confusion and suspicion.
[Emperor Ming then sings] Who can intervene in my actions? No, no!
[Caiping picks up the song] Ask the imperial concubine, how to teach the sea of vinegar to turn upside down? Turned up a lot of unpleasant things!
[Minghuang picks up the song] When there is peace in the beacon smoke for thousands of miles, all kinds of warmth are just right. Never hope to fight again! Have fun with me, hold hands and enjoy righteousness!
[Yuhuan picks up the song] Conscious heartache, thorn in the heart, until he pulls it out, it may be too late! It's so easy to be an emperor with a heartless heart! Teaching is full of love, and you are not allowed to know it in all kinds of things!
[Caiping Langbai] Isn't the imperial concubine exaggerating? (Continuing to sing) I live in a secluded cold palace, and it's Yang Fei who stabs me in the heart! I am bitter in every way, I am afraid that you are not as good as one and two! Thank you again, and bid farewell to the Long Live Holy Lord! How can a resentful girl in the cold palace serve her?
[Minghuang Langbai] Ping'er, luckily don't blame me! [Continue to sing the other paragraph] At this moment, I am ashamed and have no words. I feel that I am inferior to Concubine Mei, and we embrace each other and burst into tears.
[Emperor Ming/Picking Ping and Crying for Acacia] Ping'er! / Lord!
[Yuhuan Qijie is called Bai] My lord! Hello! [Chong Yicai sings the end of "The Bell of the Chanyuan"] The emperor's heart is no longer crazy about me! In vain, I love Huang Tian so much! Thinking about love, thinking about the past, repenting and believing in the words of the alliance at the beginning! What do you mean by strong heart and no two ambitions? The words are still in my ears, and God knows all kinds of vows. Heaven should forgive my insanity! [Slight reminder] But I blame the emperor for a change in his heart! The heart of the alliance is now, and the smoke is gone! What's the matter, tears like rain calling for Ping'er?

[Crying Acacia] What! God!
[Emperor Ming is helpless and white] Concubine, this, why bother?
[Picking Ping is full of regret and confession] The imperial concubine! [Shigonghua] You are still pretending to be desolate, and you are not the only one who swears a sea alliance with the Lord? Who cares if I sit alone in the cold palace today? Just ask, since Concubine Mei was established that day, why bother to have Concubine Yang?

[Crying Acacia] What! God!
【Emperor Ming Displeased Jiebai】Forget it! [Start singing "The Song of Fate"] Shocking, ridiculing each other everywhere, why bother, Concubine Yang and Concubine Mei! If you don't split my heart, the two concubines will divide, or if you avoid disagreement, the lonely emperor can open his eyebrows. Leave room for everything, avoid suspicion!
[Start singing against the line in the middle board] Who turned the jealousy into a storm? Who will hostility harm peace? It is estimated that the emperor is romantic, but why is he suffering from romantic air!
[Bao Yicai stops]
[Yuhuan from Baizhu] Merry, Merry! [Introduction] May I ask which emperor is not romantic? Who made my emperor angry? Oh oh oh, it's you, Concubine Mei, who sneered at you. If the emperor wants to show his dragon face again, can Concubine Mei quickly avoid it?

[Picking Ping] I will not avoid it! [Introduction] Picking up the mediocre appearance of apples, Xiang does not know etiquette. I didn't intend to offend you when I said something, but why did I arouse suspicion when I told the truth? Concubine, concubine, please deal with it lightly!
[Minghuang picks up] Who's busy! [The next sentence of the middle board of the bald singing anti-line] The miasma is in front of the king, and the emperor loses all his dignity, and Long Yan is furious, so he will play for fun!

【At the end of the preface, Baocai starts to play Baizhu】(Yuhuan and Caiping sing Baizhu together) The emperor is angry, not children playing. Your Majesty, please appease your anger and teach your concubine to be unruly!
[Emperor Ming picks up] Listen to my secrets!

[Bald-headed anti-line middle board] Listening to the emperor's words to wake up the ignorant, and embrace the three cups of reconciliation. The palace is full of warmth and has no regrets. Sheng and songs are played all over Huaqing, and they can be heard exquisitely outside the Cuihua Pavilion. It is very appropriate to go home with the second concubine hand in hand.

【Pull cavity】
[Music Interlude and Ending "Guilin Landscape"]
[Bai after the music] Oh! The rhythm of the music flutters, and the lingering sound curls up, so it makes people fascinated! Come along, two concubines!
[Caipingkougu] My lord, the Emperor of Mongolia will not abandon, but he is disrespectful! However, it is better for the concubine to return to Shangyang East Palace, one can avoid disputes, and the other can avoid the suspicion of the imperial concubine.
[Yuhuankougu] My lord, let her go, anyway, she is withdrawn by nature, serving you, a romantic emperor, is not as unrestrained as a concubine, and half uninhibited!

[White] My lord, please!

[Picking Apples and Reluctant to Give Up] My Lord!
[Emperor Ming is reluctant to intercede] Concubine Mei, Ping'er!
【Love Sandalwood Board】
[Caiping Singing] Don't Yiyi, this time we will be separated again, and my heart will always be in hope that you will know!
[Yuhuan picks up the song] The emperor is suave, romantic and uninhibited, you are lonely and difficult to serve.
[Minghuang then sings] It's useless to waste all your time, sigh and sigh, in the emperor's garden, how can the two girls not be allowed to face Le Yiyi together! Jing Fengbo, how long will you stay?
[Pull tune and continue to sing] I also love each other day and night!
[Yuhuan picks up the song] Play the Sheng song and go back, don't hesitate!
[Three people hang slowly and sing in unison] When is the storm? Difficult to calculate! Leave a beautiful trace for thousands of years and discuss it together.

This work was sung publicly in the form of a single in 1995 at the "Yue Lexuan" of the Quyi Club, and the singers were born twice in their lives. The attendees were very appreciative after hearing it, and people have been mentioning it from time to time in the past twelve years, and most of them are happy to say that the atmosphere is good, and there is no silence. As for the detailed discussion of this work, it will be broken down in the next issue.

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