Zhang Yuqiao

When the Manchu Qing Dynasty entered the Pass, the Qing official Tong Yangjia ordered Li Chengdong, the general of the Qing Dynasty, to encircle and suppress the rebels in Guangdong. The martyr Chen Zizhuang was defeated, wounded and fled home, and entrusted his family to his concubine Zhang Yuqiao. Chengdong arrests all members of the Chen family and forces Yuqiao to marry him because he admires her beauty. Yuqiao reluctantly agrees to save the lives of the old and young of the Chen family. Yang Jia interrogated the members of the Chen family, and Cheng Dong managed to use a clever trick to save the lives of the young and old in the Chen family. Zizhuang never surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, and was ordered to be tortured to death by Yangjia.

After Yu Qiao got married to Cheng Dong, she was depressed all day long. Even though Cheng Dong tried his best, she couldn't make her smile. On the day of Chengdong's birthday banquet, the troupe performed the Cantonese opera "The Legend of Yue Fei". Yuqiao was very happy to see that the actors and actresses were all dressed in Ming Dynasty costumes. Yu Qiao tricks Cheng Dong into wearing Ming Dynasty clothes and makes a more righteous statement, persuading Cheng Dong to miss the old dynasty and stop being a Qing court eagle dog. Tong Yangjia was furious when he saw this. Yuqiao took the opportunity to force Chengdong to rebel, and in the end, he died to meet him, and he will be immortal forever.

The Immortal Zhang Yuqiao

When the Qingarmy occupies the Central Plains of China, Qingminister Tong Yangjia orders General Li Chengdong, who has surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, to wipe out the resistance forces in Guangdong. Defeated and wounded, Chen Zizhuang flees home and entrusts his family to his beloved concubine Zhang YuqiaoChengdu arrests the family and, admiring Yuqiao's beauty, forces Yuqiao to marry him. She has no choice but to agree in order to save the family. Yangjia interrogates the Chens, whose lives are saved thanks to a clever scheme of Chengdu. Refusing to surrender, Zizhuang is tortured to death by Yangjia's order.

Having married ChengduYuqiao is unhappy. Chengdu does whatever he can to amuse her, but to no avail. On his birthday, a theatrical troupe performs "The Story of Yue Fei.” Yuqiao is much delighted to see that all the actors are in clothes of the Ming Dynasty. By using a clever trick, she has Chengdu wear a Ming costume. Then she earnestly persuades him to remember his loyalty to the previous dynasty and to stop serving the Qing dynasty. Tong Yangjia comes to congratulate Chengdu on his birthday and is infuriated to see him dressed in Ming costume. Yuqiao takes the opportunity to make Chengdu rebel. In the end, Yuqiao commits suicide, immortalizing her name and story.

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