Blocking the River / Zhao Zilong Blocking the River



Intercepting O’Dou

The small allied forces of Shuand Wuhave freshly defeated Cao Cao’s army. Sun Quan of Wu asks Liu Beiof Shu to return control of the annexed enclave of Jingzhou. Meeting with refusal, Sun adopts a trick proposed by Zhou You, his counselor, which involves luring Liu across the river on the pretext of matchmaking to force him into submission. Having crossed the river, Liu pays a visit to Qiao, an illustrious elder who supports the alliance. On his behalf, Qiao goes into the palace to inform Sun’s mother of Liu’s arrival. In the GanluTemple, Sun’s mother marries her daughter Sun Shangxiang to LiuSun has laid an ambush in the temple in an attempt to kill Liu, but is foiled by Zhao Yun, the famous Shu general,who dispels the soldiers. Liu enjoys his married life at the state of Wu so much that he never thinks of leaving. Following advice given him by Kongming, a famous Shu tactician, Sun urges Liu to return by lying to him that Jingzhou is in danger. Liu’s new wife is willing to follow her husband home if he so desires. Informed of the message, Zhou Yu sends his troops to intercept Liu, but he has already been taken across the river.

Knowing that Liu has led troops into Sichuan, Sun again sends General Zhou Shan to Jingzhou to ask his sister to return to the state of Wu with her son,O’Dou,on the pretext that her mother is critically ill. Sunhopes to hold Liu’s infant hostage until he returns Jingzhou. Believing Zhou’s words, Liu’swife leaves with her son. Getting wind of the plot, Liu rushes to the river and calls out to Zhang Fei, his brother-in-arms who is patrolling the river, to take the boy back. Wu’s tricks fail once again.

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