The Legend of the White Snake/Xu Xian and the White Snake

The White Snake and the Green Snake practiced Taoism in the fairy mountains for thousands of years, looking down at the world and moving the hearts of the mortals, so they turned into Bai Suzhen and Qing'er to play in the mortal world. Suzhen meets scholar Xu Xian by chance in West Lake, Hangzhou. During the epidemic season, Suzhen used the law to save all sentient beings, and blocked the incense burning in Jinshan Temple, which made the monk Fahai in the temple feel resentful, so he instigated Xu Xian to use realgar wine to make Bai Suzhen show her original shape, but Xu Xian was frightened to death. Suzhen rescued Xu Xian with the Ganoderma lucidum elixir that she stole desperately. Xu Xian was coaxed by Fa Hai to stay in Jinshan Temple. Suzhen and Qing'er begged Fahai to release Xu Xian, but they were suppressed by the heavenly soldiers and generals. Suzhen stood up and resisted, flooding Jinshan, but failed to win because of her poor pregnancy; Xu Xian escaped from Jinshan Temple taking advantage of the chaos. Suzhen fled to Broken Bridge and met Xu Xian. After several explanations, the two finally settled their suspicions. Suzhen gave birth to a boy, but soon Fahai subdued her with gold and put her under the Leifeng Pagoda. His son Shilin grew up, and when he learned about his mother, he went to Leifeng Pagoda to cry and sacrifice. Suzhen cried to his son about the past.

Legend of the White Snake/ Xu Xian and Madam White

The immortal WhiteSnake and her friend GreenSnake spend a thousand years together in the heavenly mountains practicing meditation. An accidental glimpse of human life on earth stirs their curiosity, so they transform themselves into humans—Bai Suzhen (White Snake) and Qing Er (GreenSnake)—to explore and enjoy the mortal world. At West Lake, in Hangzhou, Bai Suzhen meets scholar Xu Xian and it is love at first sight. With Qing Er as witness, bai and Xu get married.

The married couple runs a pharmacy curing the sick and saving lives. An epidemic falls the area, requiring Suzhou to use her magical powers to help the sick. Doing so distracts the masses from going to the Golden Mountain Temple to pay homage for good health. This incurs the anger of the temple's monk, who decides to get revenge by convincing Xu Xian to use strong yellow wine to cause Suzhou to return to her original form. When the transformation happens,Xu Xian falls dead from fright.

Bai Suzhen risks her life to steal a magical, life-saving herbal medicine to revive Xu Xian.Unfortunately, Xu Xian is again duped by themonk and is detained inside the Gold Mountain Temple. bai Suzhou and Qing Erplead with the monk to release Xu Xian but are instead defeated by troops of soldiers from heaven.Suzhou's formidable resistance and even flooding the Gold Mountain Temple, she soon can hardly fight due to her pregnancy.

Xu Xian manages to escape from the Golden Mountain temple. Bai Suzhen flees to Broken Bridge to meetXu XianAfter much explanation and clarification, the two finally reunite and forgive each other of all past wrongs. bai gives birth to a boy, but soon Fahai defeats her with his magic golden bowl and buries her under the Leifeng Pagoda. The baby, Xu Shilin, grows up and one day goes to the Pagoda to hold a memorial ceremony for his mother. Sobbing, bai tells him her story.

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