Wear Jinbao Fan


The Gilded Fan

With the emperor as the matchmaker, the daughter of the minister, Lu, is engaged to Guo, a friend of the family. After suffering a decline in family fortunes, Guo’s visits to his fiancee are often denied by the snobbish minister. One night, to test her love for GuoLu’s cousin, Guiying, mischievously pretends to beGuo and sneaks into Lu’s boudoir. Unfortunately, Guiying comes across Lu’s father, who uses the incident as an excuse to expel Guo and break the engagement. Thinking that his fiancee is also a snob. Guo leaves and travels to the capital to take the imperial examination.

Discovering the truth, Lu follows Guo on a snowy night in an attempt to explain. She is about to tell him the truth when Yaoquan, a distant relative of Guiyang, arrives on their heels and claims that it was he who sneaked into her boudoir. Showing the gilded fan he stole, Yaoquan claims that Lu gave it to him as a token of love. Outraged, Guo turns away and leaves, and Lu faints. Yaoquan is about to take advantage of the unconscious Lu when the maid Ruyan arrives. Ruyan, who is in love with Yauquan,flies into a jealous rage and kills Yaoquan.

Accused of her cousin’s murder, Lu is sentenced to hard labor beyond the Great Wall. Three years later,Guo is promoted to the rank of prefect. One day,Guo meets Lu in the barracks where she is serving her time. After much explanation from Guiying, the couple forgives each other.

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